Why You Are Happy With Playing It Small | Freelance Advice

Why You Are Happy With Playing It Small | Freelance Advice

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been itching to make a change. But for some or other reason I’ve been perfectly happy with playing it small at work, home and life in general. This is something I’ve been struggling with, so let’s make sense of it together…


5 Reasons Why You Are Happy With Playing It Small

Fear of the Unknown

One of the biggest reasonswhy I think people are playing the supporting actor/actresses in their own lives is because they are afraid. We don’t recognize how powerful we can be, should we get the chance to control the dialogue in our own lives. The unknown is exactly that – a world that hasn’t been explored. Instead of approaching it with fear, we can approach it with curiosity. With the right state of mind and go-getter attitude you are capable of planting your flag in the abyss.

The fact of the matter is, life is full of changes and we aren’t in control of what happens on the outside. But we can manage what is happening on the inside. Find a way to connect with your inner being and practice being at peace with yourself, your capabilities and your disposition- that will lead to fulfillment and open up a world of possibilities.

Fear of Failure

It’s always easier to stay average. Instead of taking risks and leaps of faith you could just stay warm and dry in your restrictive comfort zone. My life seems to be dictated by the things that I fear. Whether I am too afraid to sleep alone at night or afraid to complain when someone gets my order wrong; I’m taking a step back in my own life.

Every time that you allow fear to take the steering wheel, you are driving in the wrong direction. Fear of failure will steer you closer to the self doubt and insecurity day by day.

I don’t believe that all fears need to faced, but this one in particular is crucial. The only way to overcome the fear of failure is to fail, and as often as possible. This way you will become accustomed to the feeling and it won’t be a source of intimidation. This might not be easy to apply, but if you have nothing to lose you will start feeling deliberated.

What Others Might Think

This doesn’t just apply to your career or work situation, but to life in general. Fear of what others might think has become increasing real in today’s social media sphere. We are so busy with documenting our every move that the opinion of one stranger on the other side of the world can make us change our minds. We need to re-establish confidence in ourselves and our ideas. People will rejoice when you fail and envy you when you succeed. I’m not saying that man is inherently evil; I’m just saying that people are competitive.

You can choose to feed your haters by showing them that you are intimidated or you can earn respect by being different. I tend to over think every little decision that I make. Instead of owning up to my choices and opinions I always consider those of others. This will only lead to more self-doubt and confusion. It is time to focus on your wants and needs and not what others want for you.

A Lack of Commitment

The reason why you are still playing it small is because you aren’t committed. You might feel that you aren’t ready or prepared for being successful. Sounds strange? I’ve always been afraid of reaching my potential. Instead of giving 100%, I would rather give 80% and not disappoint myself when the client isn’t happy. Would you want others to do the same with you? Don’t you expect others to give you 100% in return?

If you make a commitment to yourself and others that you are willing to give your best in everything that you pursue; you might be pleasantly surprised. In order to honour this commitment you have to establish ways in which you will hold yourself accountable.

A Lazy Lifestyle

The word ‘lazy’ is a term that I’m really sensitive to. For some or other reason creatives get easily branded by this term. Just because you don’t work the way others do, doesn’t meant that you aren’t productive. But, and this is a big BUT; don’t start using your supposed work methods as a way of saving yourself from doing too much.

I’ve touched on this topic in my post on staying productive while you don’t have work, but it has become increasingly relevant in my freelance career. Instead of blaming your lack of creativity on your lack of immediate work you can see this as an opportunity to evolve as a person.

I’ve been playing it small for way too long. It’s rather embarrassing not living up to your full potential and as they say: “Your playing small doesn’t serve the world”.

I’d love to hear how you plan on making some changes in your life and career so that we can hold each other accountable.

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