Why I’m Setting Smaller Goals for 2013

Why I’m Setting Smaller Goals for 2013

For most people the last week has been filled with family and friend time to celebrate Christmas as well as the New Year. For me, my birthday was subtly nestled in between the two events. Because of these eventful dates I tend to get rather reflective during this time of the year. I fight off nostalgic memories and tears of regret and really try to focus on what it is that I want for my life.

I have realized that putting too much pressure on myself year after year has left me feeling like a failure instead on an individual on a journey. My boyfriend was kind enough to remind me that I tend to be too ‘all or nothing’ minded when it comes to making changes. Being the wise and logical guy that he is, he explained that taking bigger risks only comes when you gain confidence in achieving the smaller ones. Even though other experts of life coaches might argue that we must reach for the stars, some of us need to see the view from the roof first. By starting with smaller steps I will learn that I too can reach my goals. Instead of setting myself up for failure I will secure for myself, inevitable success.

My SMALL goals for 2013:

1. Meditate once a week

2. Make a healthy decision daily

3. Do something small for someone else once a week

4. Read inspirational content daily

5. Wash the dishes

6. Give myself a compliment each day

7. Take a bath once a week

8. Arrange alone time once a month

9. Arrange a meeting with a distant friend once a month. 

10. Allow positive situations and events to enter my life. 

These things might sound rather trivial, but they will be the gateway for greater things to come. Once I have mastered the smaller things, I will be taking on bigger goals and challenges in no time.

How are you going to manage your resolutions and goals this year? Do you have a plan in mind? I would love to hear about your methods and how you secure success in your life, love and workplace.

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