Tips and Tools to Create your Online Portfolio

Tips and Tools to Create your Online Portfolio

An artist’s portfolio is their best allie. It is the face of their work. Artists’ artwork is one of their most valuable assets hence the importance of the portfolio is huge. Therefore, take the time to create a proper online portfolio to show all your value.

A few years ago, to create an online portfolio could be a really hard task. Nowadays, thanks to technology and innovation there are several tools with which your hardest decision would be to choose the template and the proper creations.  

Tips – Learn to be a master.

Set your goal

First of all, you have to plan your objectives. An online portfolio is the way to reach a variety of goals, you should choose yours to adapt and focus your portfolio on achieving that goal.

There are several goals such as create or strengthen your personal brand, showcase your artwork, get a job or sell your artwork.

Decide yours and focus your resources on it.

Choose the appropriate content

Deciding on the content of your portfolio is a hard task. It takes time to choose and discard your own artwork. In order to get the most out of this task, focus on your goal and try to be objective. However, try to maintain the quality of the portfolio. The objective is to show how good you are, so keep in mind to choose among your best projects.

Show your personality

An online portfolio has a lot of possibilities to show who you are. Not only on your bio even though education defines you as well, so showing awards and contests you have won are a great way to start. People remember personal stories, so try to tell a little bit about your personal life, what moves you or what inspires you. Another way to show who you are is to write the motivation or explanation behind each one of your projects. Be concise and try to capture the attention of the reader. 

Have Fresh Content

Updating your online portfolio must be a key task. In case you do not update the content with your latest work, it might look abandoned or give the impression that you are not constant with your work. Furthermore, artists are constant learners and your work is improving as time goes by. Therefore, you should take advantage of it.

Tools – Start now!

Last but not least, we will list and describe a compilation of four of the most appropriate tools to create an online portfolio:

Worka is a tool created to “build your own future”. It allows you to choose the template that most adapts to you and personalize it with your content. Worka has a blog with content about inspiring artists, photography, tips, illustrations or new categories updated every week.

Dunked is a similar tool with alike characteristics. It allows you to choose your template and upload your artwork for 8$ a month for professionals. Dunked has as well an inspiration page with inspiring pictures they upload every day.

WordPress- WordPress is not a tool created specially to serve as an online portfolio. Even though some artists still use it because of the wide range of options it has. It might require more work to create the tool but the possibilities are huge.

Format– the last tool in the compilation is the format. A format is a tool created specially to build online portfolios for creatives. It has a 14-day trial and a $6 fee in the personal plan.

Guest Post by Ana Suarez

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