The Benefits of Using Repost and How It Works

The Benefits of Using Repost and How It Works

During one of my frantic blog stalking expeditions I came across a reference to a site that I’ve never heard of. I decided to do some investigation into the subject and find out just what Repost is about. If this is something that can benefit our freelance careers and help spread the informative word, then why not.

About Repost.Us

Repost have realized that there is a big gap in the content sharing market when it comes to syndicating articles. Most publishers or bloggers refer to certain articles that they have read by inserting a link when they actually want to repost the entire article. The problem always seemed to be whether doing this is legal or whether you should get the authors permission or not. The Repost platform allows you to copy and syndicate complete articles and post them on your website.

What’s In it for You?

Just like you would share someone else’s content on your website another publisher might want to do the same with yours. Allow your articles to be syndicated via submitting them to Repost will open up a world of reach and expand your current readership. Before you know if your article might have gone viral, by just allowing Repost to do its job.

Think of it as Guest Posting without the admin of finding a suitable writer or author. If you see content that relates to your niche site, you will be able to share it with your readers that might lead to more online relationships being built.

Signing Up and How It Works

Luckily signing up is FREE and won’t waste any of your time. Registering also enables you to post your website’s url address which will make your site’s content available to embed. Reposting these articles on your personal website works just the same way as embedding a video would.

By adding a Repost button on your website you allow readers and other publishers to repost your article on their respective blogs or niche sites. It’s not only the content of the article that will be shared, but the branding and advertising as well. Another bonus; when you update your article the re-published article will receive the same updates.

If you are looking to install Repost on your blogging platform follow this link to view a step by step guide.

Why Should You Share Your Content? 

This is a frequently asked question on their website and they answered it by giving some factual statistics:

” Repost changes the way content goes viral. Reposting provides the opportunity to expand the reach of your content across the web and creates an additional revenue stream. Our statistics show that reposted content reaches up to 99% new audience with an almost 6% click-through rate back to your site (compared with less than 2% for social media links). In addition, these new visitors read up to three times more pages on your site than visitors from search and social media.”Repost

What Will It Cost? 

Absolutely nothing. This is one of the greatest thing about this start-up initiative by Founder and Ceo, John Pettitt and his team of technology brains. Sharing and republishing other content is as free as sharing your own. You might even make more money from ad revenue since your articles will be widely spread. All ad revenue will go to the orginal publisher and Repost only makes money from a single ad placed at the bottom. How generous!

What About Duplicate Content and Your Rankings

Not to worry, this is another thing that the team thought about way in advance:

Because reposted content is dynamically loaded into the reader’s browser from the original publisher’s website, it never actually appears on the reposting site, so there is no duplicate content penalty. Search engines will detect reposted content as link back to the original publisher, which may improve the original publisher’s search rank. People reposting content can add their own commentary to the page containing the reposted content, which will be indexed by search engines and may result in additional search traffic. comScore counts reposted content as a page view for both the original publisher and the reposting site.” – Repost

Watch the Video to Learn More:


I am just beyond excited about the possibilities Repost has to offer. I really see no reason why every blogger or site owner should not make their content available or share what they have with others. I would love to hear your opinion… Have you made use of this site? How has it helped your freelance career?



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