6 Time Management Tips for Freelance Creatives

Guest Post by Megha Raizada Many people will agree that there is nothing better than being one’s own boss. That’s probably one of the most important factors why most people quit their jobs and become freelancers. Why wouldn’t we? You have a lot of freedom to work on your own terms. You choose the days[…]

How I Increased Productivity in the Workplace – The 48-hour Productivity Challenge

So as it happens my blog has been playing second fiddle to my article writing for other websites and clients. Productivity in the workplace seemed to be as unrealistic as losing 10kgs in a week.  As a freelance writer I can never seem to shake the feeling of being lazy or not working enough.  […]

Time Management Tips from an Expert

As any freelancer would tell you, establishing a routine is important. For me, however this is a much more daunting task than I initially expected.

Some days I wake with a world of ideas and other days drag by as I search of my oasis.