Dealing With Deadlines in Your Freelance Career

Deadly Deadlines And How To Deal With Them

Deadlines are part of working life, and we all have to deal with them at some point in our lives. However, when you have a number of deadlines coming up at once, it’s often hard to figure out how to move forward. You can fall into a panic which results in one or more deadlines[…]


Guest Post – How Sound Can Affect Your Focus and Productivity

Focus and productivity are essential for doing your job, no matter which industry you are in. No matter who you are, sound can affect your focus and productivity. For some, it is the lack of sound that helps them focus, and for others, background noise or even music helps them stay in the zone and[…]

How To Switch From a Bad to Good Mood At Work

The ideal office space is one where every employee is always cheery and ready to lend a helping, but unfortunately we are all human and an off day every now and then is as likely as the sun rising. Don’t allow your bad mood to damage your entire work day. Acknowledge the fact that you are feeling less than pleasant and follow these steps to switch from a bad to good mood at work:


How to Keep Working When You Don’t Have Any Work

If you are a freelance writer or know anyone that does their work on a freelance basis, you will know that the profession is rather unpredictable. There are some days when you can barely take a coffee break and other days where you stare at your inbox for hours on end in the hope of some job opportunity.