Guest Post – Freelance Writing Tips: From the Start

As you might have realized, I’ve been a bit missing in action with regard to my blog. But I’m back – and I mean business. This week I’m featuring a guest post by a recent freelance friend. Freelancing can be a rather lonely journey, so it’s always pleasant having a fellow writer reach out and[…]

How to Determine the Quality of your Articles

If you are anything like me, you have probably had thousands of ideas for articles, but lacked in discipline to bring them all to life. A lot of the time I find myself tempted to write a shorter article with recycled information. But then I have to take a second and think about my reason for creating this blog.


How I Updated My Online Resume

Applying for jobs in real life is a lot different for applying for jobs online. Your resume/CV in real life can be seen as a teaser to what you will be discussing with your prospective employer in the interview. Your online resume on the other hand, will be your only way of showing your skills as well as your personality without exchanging a word in person.