Guest Post – Freelance Writing Tips: From the Start

As you might have realized, I’ve been a bit missing in action with regard to my blog. But I’m back – and I mean business. This week I’m featuring a guest post by a recent freelance friend. Freelancing can be a rather lonely journey, so it’s always pleasant having a fellow writer reach out and[…]

The Journey of a Freelancer Web Designer

Freelancing is a career that people have mixed feelings about. On the positive side, your working hours are flexible, you are your own boss, and you can choose your clients. On the other hand, finding work can be a struggle, financials are often tight and when you’re unable to work, there’s no sick leave allowance.

Overall, many people choose to start freelancing whilst holding down a full time job. This has challenges of its own. You have less time to yourself in the evenings, you need to find clients who will accommodate your late hours, and your boss might not approve, making things difficult.

However, starting as a freelancer when you’re working full time can prove to be a great way to build up a client base, improve your skills and ease your way into running your own business full time.

As a full time worker and after-hours freelancer, I’ve had to learn to juggle my time to get everything done properly and timeously. My first experiment was as a life coach, coaching over the phone in the evenings and meeting clients face-to-face on weekends. My biggest challenge was giving up my free time to follow my passion for personal development. The most rewarding outcome was the gratitude I received from the people I helped move forward in their lives.  […]