How to Prepare your Surroundings for Freelance Writing

This is a Guest Post by Bettina Bertolini Hunky dude Ryan Reynolds was caught saying, ‘I don’t expect success. I prepare for it.’ After a bit of drooling and stalking on social media, I decided to incorporate his sensible words into my own milieu. If you’ve ever contemplated acting on your desire to write the hell[…]


Guest Post – How Freelance Creatives Can Be Money Smart

This is a guest post by Tsholofelo Mabona So you have taken a plunge, quit your claustrophobic 9-5 job and dived into the world of a freelancer. And you now can explore your home country or you can travel the world. But like anything else; there are pros and cons of freelancing. I mean, sure nothing[…]


The 5 Day Blogging Challenge – Behind the Scenes of Freelance Living

Since reading Better than Before, by author and happiness expert, Gretchen Rubin, I’ve started to come to terms with the type of person that I am. You know, sometimes we see ourselves the way we want to, instead of the way we are. By accepting and acknowledging our daily excuses, fears, and objections – we can[…]

Guest Post – Freelance Writing Tips: From the Start

As you might have realized, I’ve been a bit missing in action with regard to my blog. But I’m back – and I mean business. This week I’m featuring a guest post by a recent freelance friend. Freelancing can be a rather lonely journey, so it’s always pleasant having a fellow writer reach out and[…]

How to Keep Working When You Don’t Have Any Work

If you are a freelance writer or know anyone that does their work on a freelance basis, you will know that the profession is rather unpredictable. There are some days when you can barely take a coffee break and other days where you stare at your inbox for hours on end in the hope of some job opportunity.


Why I Started My Freelance Career

I am sure that you have read many similar articles about well established employees who quit their 9-5 jobs and took a great risk in starting to work for themselves. My story is a little different…

I don’t have an entire list of things to complain about when it comes to the corporate life, because I haven’t really been in it. I’ve never been completely certain what I wanted to be when I grew up. I’ve always felt like I am supposed to make some