Must-Have Online Tools For Every Freelance Writer

Must-Have Online Tools For Every Freelance Writer

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After so many businesses incorporated content as a core part of their business strategy, the demand for freelance writers has grown immensely. However, for the freelance writer, it has also become very challenging to meet the expectations of clients ranging from different industries. The type of content we see in newspapers, educational books, novels, short stories or elsewhere require a different strategy and approach.

But now the question is, how a freelance writer should tackle things in such a competitive environment. In such a competitively tough environment should tackle things. Well, the answer to this question is, ‘Upgrade your skills’. If you are advanced and up to date in your domain, you will secure a good position otherwise. Thus, we have come up with some online tools that every freelance writer must be equipped with to boost their business.


Copyscape is an essential tool for freelance writers. As the name suggests, it helps to identify the plagiarism issue in the content that leads to a highly optimized and unique content. Apart from checking plagiarism issues, it also corrects the spelling errors.


When it comes to good quality content, grammar is always its core recipe. And this is where ‘grammarly’ stands with its wonderful features. The tool is specifically created to help writers to generate a grammar, error free content. From spelling check to vocabulary uses and the other meager or huge clichés, it corrects everything.

Cliché finder

As the name suggests, cliché finder allows freelance writers to improve their writing and help them to make their content look more appealing and friendlier to the reader. It helps the writers to find out odd and obsolete phrases in their write-up so that it could turn more meaningful.


It is majorly built to increase the typing speed of the freelance writer so that they could improve their productivity rate. It’s complete online typing software for beginners, intermediates as well as experienced typists to polish their skills.


Toggl is a great online tool for the freelancers who have multiple projects. It helps them to have a separate reports of their billable time used for multiple client projects. The application helps to set different billable rates for every single project and also shares the timesheets over email. It also provides offline time tracking as well as time usage graphs. ing


Trello is completely free and flexible software that helps users to manage their projects effectively. It is the most powerful project management tool for companies as well as freelancers. If you are working on big projects, it should be on your resources list.

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