How to Keep Freelancing When You Feel Like Quitting

How to Keep Freelancing When You Feel Like Quitting

This is a guest post by Amanda Flores


When most people think about freelancing, they have this predisposed image of a person who wakes up in their pj’s, eats cereal, and then starts working on their laptop all day long. And this might be true for some of you, but for others, this is far from reality.

You have probably thought about quitting your freelancing business and getting a real job. You figured out that you are unmotivated, and need an 8-5 job in order to get more stability But, before you fill out a million job applications, I just want to tell you that you are great. Keep going, and get motivated to be a freelancer. If you are in a rut it’s okay, because we all experience a downfall. Here are a few way to stay motivated for when you want to quit freelancing:


Follow other freelancers

When you know the person you want to be like, then follow them on social media. I love following Elna Cain, who teaches others how to become a freelance writer. She always tweets great information that is vital for my freelance business. If you know another freelancer in your niche that is offering courses or coaching services then follow them on social media. You will be motivated to keep going when you see information pertaining to your niche.


Set a schedule

In order to stay motivated to continue freelancing, set a practical schedule. Write a schedule at the beginning of the week with tasks you want to accomplish. Then, categorize the most important tasks. Prioritize your business. If you know that you work better in the morning, then make sure you complete your tasks at that time.


Interact with other freelancers on Facebook groups

I’m a social butterfly. With that being said I don’t have any friends who want to be freelancers. So when I have questions, or I’m struggling to get inspired I will go to Facebook groups in order to interact with other freelancers. Facebook groups are great, because if you have a question about anything you can scroll the feed and see if your answers are there. Bonus: become Facebook friends with other freelancers.


Find out your “why”

If you are thinking about quitting freelancing and getting a job, then why did you want to be a freelancer in the first place? Did you want to have more free time to do what you want? Did you become a freelancer because you had a specific skill set? Personally, I was tired of the 8-5 desk job, and I didn’t even like most of my coworkers. I just didn’t understand why I was putting myself in a situation where I hated my job, commute, and the work. My solution was to build a freelance writing business.


Drink coffee

Coffee keeps me focused. It is my pick me up for when I feel that I need to concentrate on a project or task. I genuinely love the taste of coffee, but I look forward to the caffeine mostly.

Heck, if you don’t like the place you are working from, then maybe you should check out a new coffee spot in your area to work. Sometimes, you need a change of scenery to concentrate on your freelance business.

In life, you might feel unmotivated and distracted by what you see online, and by your friends and family. Don’t get distracted, because you started freelancing for a reason. Find out your “why,” and interact with other freelancers on Facebook. Find motivation in yourself by drinking coffee, and writing out a schedule that you know you can adapt to easily. Remember to keep going and working hard.  

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  1. Thanks Anneke, this really helps right now, as I am feeling more discouraged than ever (Social media–AAAARRGH!!!!)

    I will now refill the glass to being half full, having now read your outstanding post.


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