How I Updated My Online Resume

How I Updated My Online Resume

Applying for jobs in real life is a lot different for applying for jobs online. Your resume/CV in real life can be seen as a teaser to what you will be discussing with your prospective employer in the interview. Your online resume on the other hand, will be your only way of showing your skills as well as your personality without exchanging a word in person.

By no means does that mean that your CV should be less professional and contain a joke or two, but it implies that you will have to grab and keep your prospective employer’s attention. Working at the supermarket or being part of an local outreach program might feel like an important part of your life, but in today’s fast paced living, information that is not relevant to the job your are applying for will be seen as a waste of time.

My resume/CV is definitely one of those examples of a document with too much unnecessary information and details. What better way to show you how to improve your online resume than correcting mine:

The Prospective Employer’s expectations

If you are applying for an online writing job, your prospective employer would obviously want to see that you

are capable of writing. Keep this in mind with every word you include on your resume as well as your cover letter. Before he/she will even attempt to read your attached samples or links they will see the content of your resume as proof of your skills.

Learning from my mistakes

Dear Prospective Employer,

I have been actively involved in the media industry for the past 5 years on a part time and full time basis. Apart from writing for the University Paper I gained online writing and social media experience.

I have obtained an Honours degree in the Arts as well as a Diploma in Fictional Writing. I would therefore be delighted to be considered for a position as I strongly believe that I could add value to your company.

I have listed some of my key skills and experience below:

–               Researching for relevant content

–               Writing and editing of articles

–               Interviewing for feature articles

–               Reviewing of artists, music and books, products

–               Writing of SEO optimized, keyword-rich articles

–               Social Media Management

–               Uploading of articles

–               Scheduling of posts

–               Keyword checking articles

–               Managing WordPress Sites

  • The last thing your prospective employer would want to know is that you are just sending the same mail to every other prospective client. Not mentioning the employer’s name or some form of contact information will give this impression.
  • It’s about getting the basics right, and not mentioning my name in the first sentence is not a great introduction.
  • Even though the first paragraphs give some background on my experience it really doesn’t say what I’ve learnt. Tell your prospective client what you can offer them; they want to hear how your experience can be advantageous to their company.
  • Do not state the obvious, keep things sort and to the point.


Working Environment:

I am a well-balanced individual and my friendly and positive attitude makes me approachable and easy to work with. I prefer a creative and challenging working environment and I excel in a social environment. I am a strong believer in teamwork and have no problem with delegating or receiving orders. I prefer a creative and challenging work environment. I am a problem solver and I have a lot of perseverance when it comes to difficult tasks. I am confident in my abilities and therefore I can work independently when it is expected of me. I believe hard work leads to success and I will not settle for anything less.

  • There is no need to elaborate on your skills in the working environment if you are going to work from home. The client would not be interested in the fact that I am friendly and positive in the work place, they would just want to know if I would be able to deliver great content on time.


My ambitious nature forces me to excel in a dynamic and creative environment where I can make a difference. By using my Literature and Language knowledge as a basis, I would like to continue learning new skills and challenge myself by taking on new projects. I would also want to become accomplished in other fields of writing and extend my knowledge in Social Media and Analytics.

  • It would be wise to include future goals in your resume since this will give the client an idea of where they fit in. Be honest about what you want to achieve, they will respect that more than fabricating some story about changing the world. You want to get a client that will handle you with respect and honesty, introduce the same ideals to them.

If you would like to get in touch to arrange an interview, you can contact me on the above mentioned details.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Anneke Steekamp

  • Don’t sound desperate or over eager in your ending. I sounded rather confident in mentioning my skills and attributes, but using words such as ‘like’ and ‘soon’ sounds either too casual or just plain needy.
  • Your contact details should be easy to find, the client would not want to scroll around looking for it. Rather include these details at the end of your resume.

Your online presence is your resume

If you are active you are active on the social media sphere you will understand the importance of your online presence. Have you considered that your working or writing presence can also be seen as a reflection of your skills and expertise? Your client would like to see that you actively live what you promise your resume. Include links to the online platforms to show your prospective clients what you are passionate about. Keep in mind that you included these sights on your resume and see it as an active reflection of who you are. Your LinkdIn profile will also be another manifestation of your skills and contacts, your Twitter account will show your personality and influence; and your personal blog will reflect if you have an audience and expertise.

These are just a few adjustments that I feel was extremely necessary to make. The great thing about managing your online resume/CV is that you can adapt it as you go along. You should update your resume regularly and always include the particular date of your application.


11 November 2012

Dear (Enter Contact Person’s Name)

My name is Anneke Steenkamp and I am an experienced freelance writer. Working on various online writing projects and social media platforms have taught me the ins and outs of the emerging technological age. Obtaining an Honors Degree in Literature and completing a Fiction Writing course has perfected my writing skills and social media interaction. Through experience I have gained the confidence to write on a variety of topics and the fact that I am eager to learn will be an advantage to any company.

My key skills and expertise

–               Content Research

–               Writing and editing of articles

–               Reviewing of artists, music and books, products

–               Writing of SEO optimized, keyword-rich articles

–               Social Media Interaction and commenting

–               Social Media Management

–               Uploading of articles

–               Scheduling of posts

–               Keyword checking articles

–               Managing WordPress Sites

Websites and Social Media Platforms



The Joy of Unemployment


2011 Obtained Honours Degree in Literature; Universtiy of South Africa

2011 Diploma in Creative Writing; SAWC

2008- 2010 Obtained a BA Degree from the University of Stellenbosch


MS Word

MS Power Point

MS Excel

Adobe Lightroom


Any Social Media Platform




2009-2010: Die Matie University Paper

Position held: Journalist

DUTIES: Writing newsworthy and relevant articles

Editing articles

Attending events for journalism purposes

Interviewing individuals for articles

Reviewing books,music and art.

2009 January-February Article Writing

2009-2011: Freelance Writing- various clients

DUTIES: Writing Keyword Rich online articles on various topics

2012: Creative Writer and Social Media Manager at Brand Avenues

DUTIES: Writing of original keyword-rich articles

Managing content

Overseeing creative writers

Interacting on Social Media Platforms

Keyword check articles

Upload content to website

2012: Self Employed Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer for Higher Click

DUTIES: Write original research based articles on a weekly basis

2012: Freelance Writer for WWTF Media

2012: Fashion Writer for Celebrity Jabber

DUTIES: Writing daily fashion related articles

Writing daily news articles

Uploading images and managing WordPress site

2012: Social Media Updates for Goldilox Hair Extensions

DUTIES: Manage their online media content

Write occasional advertisements

2012: Little Pink Book Publications

DUTIES: Writing original blog articles


As a freelance writer I would like to excel in every way possible. I like a challenge and would only apply for jobs that will fall in line with the plans I have for my future. It is my ideal to establish a good working relationship with my clients so that we can both benefit from the services that I have to offer. My freelance writing endeavors are my main source of income but I would also like to establish my expertise in the future in the forms of a book or novel. My interest in Social Media and Marketing will inevitably urge me to develop my skills in these fields as well.

You are welcome to email me with any questions or request genre specific samples by sending an email to

Yours Sincerely,

Anneke Steekamp

I would love to hear your opinion on what should be included or excluded from your online resume. What would you do differently and what should I change about mine? 

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