Guest Post – Top 10 Revision Tips for Students

Guest Post – Top 10 Revision Tips for Students

Article by Linda Craig. 

Most students do not revise for their exams as much as they think they do. If they were to log every

minute they spend revising through the week, they would be woefully saddened by how infrequently

they revise and by how little they do. These are the things students need to be doing if they want to

pass their exams with flying colours.


1 – Free up your time with an essay writing service

Whilst all the other students are spending weeks writing their essays and doing their coursework, you

can have Assignmentmasters do it for you so that you may spend your time revising. It gives you a

massive advantage over the other students because they do not get as much revision time. Even if

you don’t want them to write your essays, they can still do a little quick editing to save you the bother



2 – Use flashcard programs you can find free on the Internet

There are plenty of online tools that allow you to create your own flashcards for free. There are also

websites that have free flashcards you can use that are already pre-made.


3 – Rewrite all of your notes

This is a very tiresome and boring way to revise for exams, but it is the boring stuff that usually gets

the results. Take a look at all your notes from the year and rewrite them into easily-memorable



4 – Promise yourself you will go through four chapters per week

You may respond a little better if you simply promise yourself you are going to work through a certain

amount of material every week. Simply making a commitment to actually revising may be all you need

to kick you out of your comfort zone and help you realize you are not doing nearly as much work and

revision as you are telling your parents you are.


5 – Create a revision timetable

Your professor is probably going to tell you to do this. The biggest reason is because you often forget

just how “little” revision you are actually doing. If you create a chart on your computer, you may mark

a tick or a cross for every day you actually revise. Do this and you will notice far more crosses than

you may have hoped.


6 – Have revision sessions with your friends

Spend time with your friends revising the content you need to learn for your exams. Test each other

and correct each other. Revising can become very stale, boring and unfulfilling. Adding your friends

into the mix may help liven the process up and make it less of a drag.


7 – Mindmap your work

Put the concepts you have learnt into a mind map and connect them up. Add data and the elements

you know in order to remind yourself of what you have learnt so far.


8 – Bore yourself with a subject

One of the weirdest methods of learning is to bore yourself with the topic. Read a chapter in your

textbook over and over again until it bores the socks off of you and it becomes painful to read. The

process is dull and de-motivating, but the content you read will stick with you forever.


9 – Teach it to somebody else

Some people say the best way to learn something is to teach it to others. For some reason your

attention is more focused when you have to teach other people something, ergo you learn a little



10 – Dig out exam papers from the Internet

You can get many of them legitimately as they show what was on the test for the years previous. You

can use these exam papers to test yourself and see how well you would have done last year. You can

tone up the work elements you are a little shaky on.


Linda Craig is an editor at AssignmentMasters team, which provides assignment help in UK. Her main

expertise – productivity hacks and tips for College and University.

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