Guest Post – How Sound Can Affect Your Focus and Productivity

Guest Post – How Sound Can Affect Your Focus and Productivity

Focus and productivity are essential for doing your job, no matter which industry you are in. No matter who you are, sound can affect your focus and productivity. For some, it is the lack of sound that helps them focus, and for others, background noise or even music helps them stay in the zone and on track.

In the instances of those who enjoy or even require sounds while they work, sound can be a great advantage. For instance, when you are working on a repetitive task or one you would usually find mundane or uninteresting, adding your favorite playlist can make the task more enjoyable.

According to Fast Company, when a task is well-defined and repetitive in its nature, music can be useful while you do the task. Having the additional background music while you work can help your focus, and it will also help to improve your mood. When your mood is improved, so is your productivity as you will be feeling motivated and good about the tasks ahead.

It is no secret that our minds tend to wander and this is especially true when we become bored or uninterested in what’s in front of us. When you add music to your environment you will be brought back to the moment and be able to focus on what you need to do.

Some workers like to add sound to their workflow because they are in an environment that is too loud (whether it be too much chatter or other external noises), or they feel the workplace is too quiet. Individuals that use background music for focus can also break the singular thought pattern. Sound and music help to stimulate the brain. When this happens you will tend to have more creative thoughts and ideas that you would not normally have had without the music.

Music with lyrics can sometimes cause a distraction for some. If this is the case you can choose to listen to non-lyrical music or even white noise. Both of these styles of sound prove to provide many benefits to the brain and that includes a heightened sense of focus. According to Help Scout, sounds of nature, such as waves at the beach, can improve your ability to concentrate better than music with lyrics.


No matter what type of sound or music helps you get your best sense of focus, having a great pair of comfortable headphones to listen to your favorite sounds or tunes will also improve your focus. For example, noise canceling headphones can completely block out any unwanted external noises that would usually break through a normal pair of headphones. In addition, noise canceling headphones will prevent you from using your volume knob to block out any unwanted sounds.

While it might be a temporary fix to unwanted noises, using the volume knob to block out sound is terrible for your ears and your hearing. This is why we recommend using noise canceling headphones. Not only will you be blocking out any unwanted noises, you will also help to protect your hearing.

At the end of the day, sound can help to improve your focus and your productivity. Do some research, experiment a little, and find the right sounds or music that works best for your individual focus needs and get to work!

Bio: Sarah is the Editor of Headphone Selection. She loves all sound technology and firmly believes in the power of positive music.

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