Guest Post – Promote Yourself as a Freelance Writer the Right Way

Guest Post – Promote Yourself as a Freelance Writer the Right Way

When you are new in the freelance business, attracting good projects seem like an impossible task. Like any regular job, it takes time for us to build our credibility in the market. Just like first jobs, landing your first freelance gig is tough. Once you have managed to grab a few assignments, it seems like an easy road ahead. However, that seldom happens. If you want to make it big in the freelance industry, simply working with and relying on a few good clients is not enough.


According to a research done by Upwork and Freelancers Union, 35% of the U.S. workforce represents freelancers. These numbers are expected to grow further meaning the competition is going to get fierce for freelancers in the coming years. Therefore, not following any serious strategy might lead you to miss out on a large clientele and numerous good opportunities. Simply pitching to new clients won’t work. What you need is to market yourself as a freelance writer.

Following these “Do’s” and “Don’ts” will help you promote your work and land more clients to ensure a successful business venture.


Create your own blog

Do’s: Having a blog is not only the easiest and the most effective way to present your writing skills, but it’s also the best way to market your services. Every time you publish something on your blog, it will reach your blog subscribers who may also be your prospective clients or know somebody who is in need of writing services.

Don’ts: Don’t create a blog just for the sake of it. The trick here is to be consistent in posting original content so that you are always on the top of your subscriber’s inbox. Also, coming across a blog that is not regularly updated does not give a solid impression to clients. Therefore, create a blogging schedule to make sure that you stick to it. Ideally, you should be posting three to four quality articles per month.


Get yourself published on other blogs

Do’s: Do not underestimate the power of guest posting and make it a point to contribute to new websites as often as possible. It doesn’t have to be top blogs or websites every time. Contact blogs that are similar to your area of writing interest or match with the expertise you have to offer and contribute to them. This will also act as an opportunity to present yourself to other blogs’ subscribers. As a result, the possibility of landing more writing gigs will increase. While posting on other blogs, don’t forget to make the most of your author bio section. Link it to your own blog, portfolio, and your social media profiles. This way the clients will know where to find you.

Don’ts: Don’t ignore the people who comment on your guest post. The fact that readers took out the time to read your blog and comment on it is a great achievement in itself. Not answering queries or failing to engage with the user leaves them hanging and makes them feel less important which is something you can’t afford. You never know, your next big client may be one of the ‘commentors’.


Be present on social platforms

Do’s: Nowadays everybody is on Social Media. If you are not, it is high time you start taking it seriously. We are not saying that you sign up on every social media platform that is there. However, at least be active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Joining groups is one of the most effective ways to find out about writing opportunities. Make sure you keep your profiles updated to attract more clients. Follow fellow freelance writers and share their work. They will return the favor by sharing your work on their account and you never know somebody from their network may contact you for a big opportunity.

Don’ts: While utilizing social media to your advantage, make sure that you don’t just keep it to sharing your and other’s work only. Update in your profile that you are looking for work opportunities. By simply adding “Available for hire” in the employment section will allow new clients to contact you for work.


Think beyond social media

Do’s: Relying on a few social media platform is not enough. Expand your network by finding and joining forums. That’s where the best of the best from the industry and prospective employers hangout. Be active on forums and share your tips and tricks as often as you possibly can.

Don’ts: While searching for forums make sure that you join only those which are related to your field of work or participate in only those discussions where you genuinely have something to offer. Don’t force yourself. It is okay if you can’t find anything to contribute to but it is never okay if your participation looks not up to the mark or irrelevant.

Marketing yourself is something that should not be overlooked if you want to become a successful freelance writer. Keep in mind the above-mentioned “Do’s” and “Don’ts” while marketing yourself to grab loads of gigs from new clients.


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