Why Employees Might be Lacking Productivity At Work

Why Employees Might be Lacking Productivity At Work

pexels-photo-207480This is a guest post by Adam Robertson.

As an employer, you take some responsibility for the level of productivity and motivation of your workers. You should be aware of what boosts your worker’s productivity levels. At the end of the day, employees are the heart of any business, and for a team to function properly all of the members must be fully motivated to work.

It is good to be aware that a sudden lack of productivity from employees can directly affect a company on the bottom line. Being aware of what causes your level of productivity to drop, and what hinders a downfall in motivation is prime to success.

But what actually causes a lack of productivity in the workplace? If you are trying to understand the reason behind employee demotivation, consider these common problems that people often face.


Lack of effective communication

Communication is the key to managing and maintaining a functional team of workers. If there is a lack of communication within the business, then employees might be unaware of what their tasks are, and what is expected of them, thereby resulting in a loss of productivity.

Within a business, there are three different main types of communication, which include; company to employee, employee to company and employee to employee or customer. However, there are several problems which come with a lack of communication between any of these people in the business.

Lack of communication can cause employees to feel uncertain and have doubt in what they are doing. If an employee is uncertain in what they are supposed to be cracking on with and achieving, then this results in low productivity, tasks left undone and deadlines missed.


Poor Company Managment

There are several ways that ineffective practice of management in a business can decrease the productivity of employees. If an employee faces poor management and laziness from their employer, then they are automatically going to develop a mindset like this too.

If an employee doesn’t receive the training and coaching that they need to complete their job roles, then they won’t get as much done as they could. This could be as the result of lacking in an understanding and not having the knowledge which is needed to accomplish a task.  

As well as this, if an employee doesn’t feel that their employer recognizes their efforts, they often don’t try hard to perform to their full capacity, and therefore result in being the opposite to productive.


Discomfort in the office

There is nothing worse than spending hours upon hours being seated in uncomfortable office furniture at work. You wouldn’t like it, so don’t expect your employees to either.  Traditional office chairs can be particularly very uncomfortable for people to sit on day in, day out and can cause aches and pains in the back and the neck.

Back pains can cause people to feel distracted, and therefore unmotivated to work and get tasks done. However, if employees were to have efficient office seating, then this wouldn’t be an issue for the business. An example of great office seating is the Ergonomic chair, which is specifically designed to support, provide comfort, as well as reduce the risk of any potential back or neck problems.


Lack of acknowledgment

When an employee innovates, and their employer ignores the initiative, employees will start feeling like their efforts a waste of time. If someone isn’t being recognized for their efforts in the business, then they often won’t try hard to perform to their full capacity.

If an employee starts to feel that they aren’t praised and are undervalued, and can’t grow a business, then they might start viewing their job as purely a paycheck. However, an employee who is happily invested in the business is more likely to be productive to better the business.  


Inadequate technology

If there is a failure to upgrade technology in any company, then this can affect the productivity level of workers. If an employee is using software and tools that are outdated or old school, then an employee will work at a slower pace. For instance, in some company’s, employees might use software which fills in data automatically, however, in other company’s employees might be required to fill stuff out by hand which will take a lot longer to complete and will mean that they can’t accomplish as much.


Inappropriate working environment

The working environment that an individual works in can ultimately have an influence on productivity. For instance, if the working environment is very loud or lacks good lighting, then this can have negative impacts on the way employees work because they might get distracted on a daily basis or just feel that they are unable to work in the conditions.

The space that an employee is given to work in can also affect how much work they get done. If an employee is given a small working environment they might feel cramped and uncomfortable to work in such environment. Similarly, if the working environment is untidy and unorganized, then an employee might lack in their efforts, and lack their creativity levels as well as their productivity.

The level of productivity of employees can ultimately affect a business. Knowing the reasons why employees might be lacking productivity at work, can not only help the employee themselves but can also ensure that the company isn’t at threat of being negatively impacted by a decrease in employee work effort.


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