Dealing With New Clients as a Freelance Writer: How to Hit the Bull’s Eye?

Dealing With New Clients as a Freelance Writer: How to Hit the Bull’s Eye?

Starting off your career as a freelance writer can be challenging if you do not know the tricks of the trade. It takes time and efforts before you build a reputation as a freelancer and clients turn their heads to your service. The challenge is to retain clients with an effective customer relationship policy. For any new freelancer, this can be a little tricky as they lack practical experience to deal with clients.

To ensure a lasting relationship with your clients, you first need to have a customer relationship strategy in place. This should include everything from pricing and upselling plan to conflict resolution and privacy policy. To enjoy a prosperous career as a freelance writer, you need to streamline all these things prior to setting your foot in freelancing profession.

Presenting here are 8 expert’s tips on how you can deal with clients and succeed as a novice freelance writer:

  • Compromise on Rates

Being new to competitive world of freelancing, you need to be a little compromising with your rates. To survive in a vast pool of competitors who already have some projects under their belt, it is important for you to lower rates so that you can accommodate new clients. Though this might not be as profitable in the start, it will benefit you in the long run as you can attract more clients.

  • Offer Freebies

Clients love freebies. It gives clients a strong incentive to make a purchase and they will be happy to take your services again and again. Being a writer, you can offer your clients a chance to get free revisions, free editing or free proofreading.

  • Make an Upselling Attempt

Upselling is a selling technique to force a client to get more of your services after he makes a purchase. So, if you want to leverage more clients because you are a professional academic writer other than being a copywriter, then you can ask them to hire you for UK dissertation writing.

  • Make Regular Contacts with Your Clients

Clients tend to have a short memory and they will forget you if you fail to keep in touch with them. The best way you can do this is by sending regular newsletters pitching ideas about your upcoming services or events that they might find interesting to know more about.

  • Remain Committed

Commitment is a big part of trust building process with your clients. As a freelance writer, you need to have an effective working system in place to help you finish your job on the given deadline. A delay in delivering a project time will question your credibility as a professional and you will only hurt your business.

  • Offer a Refund

Offering a refund is the quickest way you can get more clients to hire your services. Every client wants a reassurance for his hard-earned money and a full refund provides that incentive. For new freelancers, it is a smart way to take advantage from this basic insecurity of clients.

  • Respond to Your Clients

Communication is a big part of the customer relationship. No client would want to hire a service that is too irresponsive or laid-back to respond back to their queries. Therefore, you need to actively respond to questions of your clients whenever they feel the urge to voice their concerns.

  • Stand True to Clients’ Expectations

Customer satisfaction is the top-most priority of any service. For any client, it is important to have a level of satisfaction once they are provided with their work. As a freelance writer, it should be your first priority to fully understand needs of your customer. You need to be conscious of their expectations and pay particular attention to their specific details.

Dealing with clients as a fresh freelance writer can be daunting if you fail to understand the needs and wants of your clients. This write-up provides an insightful look into customer relationship that will help you can earn more clients in short time.

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