How To Create Structure & Routine For Freelance Living

How To Create Structure & Routine For Freelance Living

This is a Guest Post By Yonga Jizana

If you are new to this freelancing lifestyle, maybe you have not quite clenched the knack of getting the best out of your free time. One thing you know for sure though is that you are delighted about not sitting in a small cubicle office churning out reports and minutes from meetings of which you were barely awake, and dealing with colleagues who seem to think that your lunch is now theirs by helping themselves to your yoghurt leaving you to battle dry muesli. Freelance living is giving you a glimpse of the possibility of an ideal work situation.

Creating your new freelance routine is exciting at first. Revamp it by assessing your current situation and figuring out what will work best for you. Aim towards achieving the most productivity without leaning on others for structure or guidance. What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you.

The comfort of your bed is the best thing since avocados, but productivity is not promised. Jotting down what you want to achieve for the day is probably the easiest thing to do, after brushing your teeth. Seeing your to-do list sets a positive mood for the day, and making your bed is most likely to guarantee that you won’t want to get back in to snuggle again.


Structure to tackle the smaller tasks first; it will allow you to get more done, and add a dash of motivation for the greater quest. To avoid the tasks from overwhelming you, free up some time by completing them simultaneously. You don’t need to be Mrs. Incredible to achieve great time management. Separate your personal responsibilities from your assigned ‘work hours’ by planning your day out well in advance to prevent you from overlapping responsibilities.

Identify the kind of space in which you are most likely productive, make that your office, together with the time you are able to focus the most. The inspiration might not be there as soon as you take your seat, so a different surrounding will do. A seat in the garden, a trip to the coffee shop with the added bonus of free wifi (insert winning bells here), or a walk will recharge your creative spark to get the fun started.

When the freelancing drought sets in, and you aren’t getting any gigs, continue your routine by writing up on topics that come into your head, take on a different project for your photography portfolio-  don’t sit only to lose your passion. The TimeTune-Optimize Your Time time management app allows you to save time on your schedule. The app allows for routines to be set according to your liking – be it weekly, daily, and for more flexibility, set to an odd number of days. The app is available for free on PlayStore.

Practice your pace, and you will be surprised at how many more gigs you receive based on how much you produce.

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