How to Improve Your Online Portfolio

5 Tips to Improve Your Online Portfolio as a Freelancer

  As a freelancer, your portfolio is one of your most powerful career tools. It acts as a resume, and it helps people who may be seeking your services to locate you through organic search. Your portfolio is a testament to all the things you have achieved in your professional life, and crafting the perfect[…]


How To Enjoy Success and Stay Relaxed as a Freelancer

Guest Post by Sarah Ah, the freelance life.  Freelancing offers a chance of flexibility and freedom, working on your own schedule and tackling projects you enjoy doing.  Working as a freelancer isn’t without stress though.  Lack of work, too much work, and time management can increase anxiety and stress levels which actually hurts productivity.  There[…]


Guest Post – How Freelance Creatives Can Be Money Smart

This is a guest post by Tsholofelo Mabona So you have taken a plunge, quit your claustrophobic 9-5 job and dived into the world of a freelancer. And you now can explore your home country or you can travel the world. But like anything else; there are pros and cons of freelancing. I mean, sure nothing[…]


Guest Post – How Sound Can Affect Your Focus and Productivity

Focus and productivity are essential for doing your job, no matter which industry you are in. No matter who you are, sound can affect your focus and productivity. For some, it is the lack of sound that helps them focus, and for others, background noise or even music helps them stay in the zone and[…]


My Take On Live Video Marketing for Shy Entrepreneurs

The recent rise of video marketing on Social Media platforms have left me feeling quite anxious. I totally understand the appeal and tremendous influence that video marketing has as a part of your social strategy. Your following wants to get a glimpse into the lives of the ‘real’ people behind the brand.



Guest Post – Top 10 Revision Tips for Students

Article by Linda Craig.  Most students do not revise for their exams as much as they think they do. If they were to log every minute they spend revising through the week, they would be woefully saddened by how infrequently they revise and by how little they do. These are the things students need to[…]