How Safe Are You Online?

Here and now, everything we do is online … our socialising is done on the Internet, as is our grocery and insurance shopping and even banking. It’s convenient because it allows us to get everything done from the comfort of our own homes. We all love the idea of shopping without queues, catching up with friends without travelling to see them, and banking without waiting in line. There are however, some precautions to keep in mind when browsing the web.

Be Careful with Emails

If you get an email from someone you don’t know, rather delete it and be safe. Don’t open any links you’re not 100% sure about, as they could contain a virus. Double check any personal details you give out via email, in case your email reaches the wrong person.

Passwords Are a Must

Most of our online activities require passwords. The best way to protect your online accounts is to never use the same password twice; if your passwords are all the same, a cyber criminal can access any of your accounts with ease. Make your passwords long and hard to crack:  use symbols, numbers and a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters. […]

The Benefits of Hosting Webinars for your Small Business

How just being part of the masses in China led to a post about Webinars…

I am back in business after a spectacular holiday in China and even though I would have hoped to be a bit more rested, it’s time to push my limits and surprise myself. The Chinese have had a immense impact on me with regard to their work ethic and self sacrifice. We could all to with less complaining and more ‘doing’; after all we are the only ones capable of changing our lives. For some reason the first topic that came to mind when I arrived home, is something I have not yet explored, so there is no better time than NOW, to check it out.

 I’ve always promised myself that this blog would be sincere and honest and that I would be open about the things I don’t know. […]

Time Management Tips from an Expert

As any freelancer would tell you, establishing a routine is important. For me, however this is a much more daunting task than I initially expected.

Some days I wake with a world of ideas and other days drag by as I search of my oasis.


The Journey of a Freelancer Web Designer

Freelancing is a career that people have mixed feelings about. On the positive side, your working hours are flexible, you are your own boss, and you can choose your clients. On the other hand, finding work can be a struggle, financials are often tight and when you’re unable to work, there’s no sick leave allowance.

Overall, many people choose to start freelancing whilst holding down a full time job. This has challenges of its own. You have less time to yourself in the evenings, you need to find clients who will accommodate your late hours, and your boss might not approve, making things difficult.

However, starting as a freelancer when you’re working full time can prove to be a great way to build up a client base, improve your skills and ease your way into running your own business full time.

As a full time worker and after-hours freelancer, I’ve had to learn to juggle my time to get everything done properly and timeously. My first experiment was as a life coach, coaching over the phone in the evenings and meeting clients face-to-face on weekends. My biggest challenge was giving up my free time to follow my passion for personal development. The most rewarding outcome was the gratitude I received from the people I helped move forward in their lives.  […]

Why Successful Entrepreneurs Communicate Their Failures

Failure is a lesson. Quite simply it’s a way to learn how to not do something. The problem with failure is that it fosters fear. And fear inhibits creativity. If you are afraid to fail, then you are unable to be creative- Renée Warren

When it comes to the management of business, transparency is the new trend and if you are unable to communicate failure, you might be doing your company serious damage. Not only is there no shame in failing with your entrepreneurial