6 Mobile App Marketing Trends you need to Boost Conversions

6 Mobile App Marketing Trends you need to Boost Conversions

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App marketing has really changed over the years and there’s a whole lot of factors that are contributing to this change. Marketing automation, technological changes, global receptiveness to smartphones, and also the apps dominating smartphone industry can be a few major factors responsible for the change in the industry. So, with changing the industry, you really need to follow the right trends in mobile app marketing in order to boost your conversions.

Here are 6 mobile app marketing trends that you must follow in 2018 for giving a boost to your marketing efforts and generating more leads than ever before.


Retention Should Be Your Focus

Post-app advertising has seen a significant increase in recent times for increasing user retention. Actually, it helps boost their engagement and as a result, they stay loyal to you.  According to statistics, 95% app users do not stay with you for more than 90 days of downloading the app. So, all major brands have now started focusing on post-app marketing in order to ensure that users continue to use an app for long after installation.

Apple Search Ads

Search ads from Apple turn out to be the next big thing when it comes to app marketing. It has been in trend throughout 2017 and is there to stay for sure. Major brands have already started taking advantage of these search ads from Apple. It’s not only a cheap medium of app marketing but also gives a vigorous boost to your conversion rates.

Media Consolidation

Media consolidation is another big thing that all app marketers are now doing to boost their conversions. There focus is more on app quality rather than the number of installs. And, of course, better quality will easily translate into more installs. More of ad budget for all the major brands are now spent on partnering with proven media partners and getting their apps featured there. So, you’d be better off connecting with top media within your industry and partner with them.

Conversion Optimization

App marketers do everything they can to optimize their conversions nowadays. According to statistics, 78% of them are concerned more about install quality. That’s deeper conversions as marketers are looking to improve not just the quantity but also the quality of their installs.


App Store Optimization

App store optimization refers to improving your apps’ visibility in the App store. After all, the app store is also a kind of search engine where you can search for different apps and if your app is not coming on the top of search engine results then you really need to do something. So, ASO should be done for your apps as stats say that 63% of iOS users hit new apps by simply browsing them through App Store.

Influencer Marketing

It’s yet another effective method for customer acquisition which is quite cost-effective as well. It proves to be quite useful in app marketing as well and plays a pivotal role in boosting conversions. Here you’re not marketing your app to your audiences directly rather you’re marketing it to those who usually influence your prospects. This simply yields better conversions and you get more app installs.

However, one major challenge here is to find right influencers for your app to reach out to the target audience. If you compare the costs of influencer marketing to that of actually launching an awareness campaign, it’s way less. Furthermore, quality of the installs will be simply unparalleled.

So, follow the trends and put your app marketing campaign on the right track. Only with the right kind of marketing efforts will you be able to reach out to the right audiences and boost your conversions. And, with a proper plan in place, nothing can stop you from getting desired results from your app marketing efforts. Just keep the trends in mind and try your best to do better than your competitors. Besides, you can also visit ApplePit to find out more.

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