5 Tips to Improve Your Online Portfolio as a Freelancer

5 Tips to Improve Your Online Portfolio as a Freelancer


As a freelancer, your portfolio is one of your most powerful career tools. It acts as a resume, and it helps people who may be seeking your services to locate you through organic search. Your portfolio is a testament to all the things you have achieved in your professional life, and crafting the perfect portfolio requires the utmost care. Make your portfolio your greatest weapon, and watch the clients come running.

Tailor Your Offerings

People who are looking to hire are often candid about what they want. Reading a few job descriptions online will show you exactly what your potential clients are looking for. Grab up every project you’ve ever completed that demonstrates your ability to meet those qualifications. These are the projects you will want to use as the focal point of your entire portfolio. They’re your most marketable skills, and you know that everyone who views your portfolio will be seeking them.

Add Some Videos

Video resumes are increasing in popularity. If you created your own version of a video resume for your online portfolio, your clients will get a chance to know you. It may be hard to demonstrate your freelance work in a video, particularly if the work you do doesn’t require many visuals. If you write or code, you can include positive feedback or testimonials from clients in your video rather than the project itself. Casual browsers with shorter attention spans will be likely to stumble upon these videos and give them a watch.

Focus on Your Originality

You want your portfolio to be competitive. If you’re showcasing a lot of the same, a client wouldn’t have a reason to work with you over a similar freelancer. Your portfolio should put an emphasis on your personal flair for what you do. How is your approach unique? What do you do differently? Do you have an unorthodox combination of skills that allows you to lend a specialized approach to a project? This will make clients naturally gravitate towards you.

How to Improve Your Online Portfolio

Provide Tons of Resources

One of the biggest mistakes freelancers make with their portfolios is omitting some crucial information. How do you want potential clients to call you or email you? Are there any other professional social networks where they would be able to connect with you? Do you have any information about your rates for common projects? Make sure you’ve listed all of this information on your portfolio. An interested individual will know everything they need to know if they’d like to get a project started.

Update Frequently

You can’t just build a portfolio and be done with it. As you continue to work, your skills and abilities will only improve. Every few months, you’ll want to cycle out a few old projects and replace them with a few new ones. Save your portfolio spaces for the projects you’re the proudest of – routine, run of the mill work won’t captivate anyone. People who follow your work will return to your portfolio expecting to see what new and exciting things you’ve been up to. Since some of the people may work with you in the future, it’s crucial to put your best foot forward.

In order to make a great portfolio, all you really need to know is what your clients like about you. Use your feedback to shape the way you present your portfolio, and similar clients will undoubtedly be impressed.

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