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Content creation is an umbrella term for the variety of content that I can create. My areas of expertise include, but aren’t limited to business, marketing, lifestyle, social media, technology, personal development, branding, careers and education.


As a copywriter, I’m responsible for all the website and corporate copy. This can range from about us pages, faq’s, newsletters and any other promotional content.


As a blogger, I would work closely with your brand and marketing team to create articles and blog post that are original, relevant and informative to your audience.

Social Media

The social media management package is customized according to your needs. Whether it be social content creation or hands-on management and scheduling – I would love to help your brand grow.


Tell me about your brand and we'll find a way to create the ideal content

Hi there! My name is Anneke Steenkamp and I'm a South African Freelance Writer. During June 2012 I quit my job and started my journey as a freelance writer. The Joy of Unemployment is my way of helping others and myself to become experts in our particular fields. This platform will give you insights in social media, marketing, recruitment, career and self-development. This blog is not just limited to the freelance writer but anyone in the creative field. To be a healthy writer you need to have a healthy mind and, therefore you need to feed it with positive energy and content; allow me to spoon feed you. This website also doubles as my writing portfolio so you are more than welcome to enquire about my services and hire me. The Joy of Unemployment is just the beginning of a story that’s end is as unknown to me as it is to you.

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